As of late, African content is finding its way into the global mainstream market, with  content from Nigeria and South Africa leading the way with established structures for distribution in place. But there are many other countries and regions in Africa that have great stories to offer, only with a less developed infrastructure – and that is where Panguro Media makes a difference.

We specialize in finding and curating the best content from the Southern African region in order to connect content creators with content distributers. At the moment we focus on feature films and scripted series only, but we are looking into other areas in the future.

For distributers, it can often be a tedious task to find and connect with the best content creators in this region, with both quality and deliverables often being an issue. Panguro Media is taking over that task, so you don’t have to. We are on the ground and have built connections to content producers in the region over the last many years, always looking for the most talented filmmakers.

For producers and content creators, it takes a lot of time and effort to monetize their individual products – time better spend on the next project. By bundling more content together, Panguro Media can explore more options and connect with bigger platforms and markets than an individual filmmaker can afford to do.

As a true aggregator, Panguro Media is the bridge between creator and market.