While serving a 5-year sentence at one of Zimbabwe’s tightest prisons just outside of Harare, Tambu learns of the abuse of her daughter by her own brother back home. Fuelled by the passionate anger of a single mother, Tambu convinces fellow inmates Memo and Zoe to escape together with her.

The plan hangs on a thin thread, as rumours of the escape surface, fuelling an ongoing power struggle between one of the officers and the prison warden. Tambu seizes the moment during a prison ceremony by a popular pastor, and on the backdrop of the Zimbabwean coup in 2017, where president Robert Mugabe was ousted. The trio embark on a thrilling and dangerous prison break.

As we follow the 3 young women’s journey to freedom, we ask ourselves: How do you escape yourself?

Single mother Anesu’s life is turned upside down when her son enters her into a reality TV competition. A refreshing view of contemporary life in Harare, Zimbabwe, told through the lens of a classic romantic comedy.

It’s 2015, following the controversial July 17 legislation by the Zimbabwean government to abruptly cut off thousands of jobs, Simon has been the delivering the dreaded dismissal letters to his colleagues for weeks but when the ax finally yields on the Harare News general manager he takes the bad news very badly. The respected company executive turns into a self-made criminal. His 23 year old son has just been chased from university for non payment of tuition fees and his 25 year old mistress has just announced that she is carrying his baby.Simon turns to the bottle but does this bring his job back? Is this child really his? The story navigates through the demise of a man who had big plans after his retirement now faced with destitution and embarrassment.

Sam’s guilt over the death of his son has led him on a dark secret life which has destroyed his relationship with his family and led to divorce. However, when he goes to work, he becomes victim of a genius psychopath known as Ex, who takes Sam through a series of tests that inadvertently forces Sam to revisits his dark secrets and resolve his personal demons. When it turns out that Ex, was merely a hired gun in a
plot to rob Sam of his inheritance, Sam must use his new found focus to save his kidnapped daughter and possibly reunite his broken marriage.

Set in modern day Zimbabwe, Mind Games is a psychological thriller that unravels the complexities of human thought and emotion. The film takes your mind on an exciting journey filled with action, suspense and yes, the unexpected twists.

Tete B is the story of a trigger-happy detective, Mbada (played by Charles Njagu), with an unusual case to solve. Someone saved as “Tete B” in the secret phone of his wife, Mamoyo (Nyarie Nhongonhema), has disrupted his peaceful hangover with a text message about a steamy liaison with her.  Is it the shady dealing entrepreneur, Shumba (Eddie Sandifolo)? Is it the heartbreaking young pilot, Hungwe (Munya Chidzonga)? Is it the superstar musician, Mukanya (Doc Vikela)? By the time Mbada is done with his buddies, everyone will know the answer to the question “Who is Tete B”?

Set in modern day Zimbabwe, Mind Games is a psychological thriller that unravels the complexities of human thought and emotion. The film takes your mind on an exciting journey filled with action, suspense and yes, the unexpected twists.

A mixed-race man, Charles, discovers as his white mother is dying that his father is Zimbabwean. So, he goes to Harare to find him. He is a stranger in town and is enveloped in a range of mysterious situations. He is torn between two women. Tsitsi is the hotel owner’s wife and is so fundamentally damaged that she is evil. She wants Charles to kill her husband. Then there is a modern woman, Anna, who offers a real alternative. Charles becomes tormented by his dreams and repressed memories which begin to return.

When Nyarai finds out that her cousin Nonto is getting married, she and her friend Maxi, are set into a frenzy at the thought that their time to find ‘Mr. Right’ may be running out. Nyarai endeavors to find out whether or not it is possible to find a man as strong and dependable as the mythical traditional warrior. Although she is a top executive with a leading advertising agency, her parents are not satisfied, insisting that she needs to get married to pave the way for her younger sister. They tell her that she should forget her frivolous ideas and concentrate on finding a good man to settle down with, while also insisting that her sister’s dreams of becoming a professional basketball player are a waste of time. Set in present day Zimbabwe, against the backdrop of Nyarai’s own romantic escapades with her basketball playing toyboy Che and her more mature and financially stable older boyfriend, Leslie, Nyarai must decide in which direction she wants to take her life, without simultaneously upsetting too many people.

Tensions rise in Harare as the Chikwiro family await the arrival of their dead son Peter from London. Days pass and still no body. As relatives sing, dance and help themselves to provisions, Mary Chickwiro tries to keep it all together while grieving the loss of her brother and challenging the family traditions. Meanwhile her cousin in London, struggling to find the cash to send Peter home, is forced to make a desperate choice. Adapted from Petina Gappah’s short story, part of a collection that won the 2009 Guardian First Book Award, Something Nice from London stars some of Zimbabwe’s best loved actors. The film follows two remarkable women in a clash of the old and the new. As Mary struggles in the face of a dominant patriarchy, cousin Lisa tries to uphold traditions in the face of a harsh financial reality.

A young man put in a moral dilemma is forced to choose between saving his dying pregnant wife or going against his beliefs.

The Muzas are a Zimbabwean family running a granite import company from their home of 14 years in the United States. Sean Muza, the heir apparent to the Muza Granite empire, decides to spend this year’s summer vacation in Zimbabwe with his brothers Curtis and T-Bone. This decision follows disagreements with his father Mr. Muza, which could not be resolved by his mother Mrs Muza. In Zimbabwe, Sean meets Christine Moyana and decides to marry her following a very brief courtship. Sean recruits his two metropolitan brothers and their uncle, Sekuru Magaya, as accomplices on his quest to marry Christine.

The movie ‘Lobala’ is an account of the day on which the Muza boys cross town to the Moyana residence in Chitungwiza to do everything necessary for the fulfilment of the cultural wedding process known as ‘lobola’. The Moyanas are a Zimbabwean family living in Chitungwiza. Mr. Moyana lives with his wife Amai Christine and their two daughters Christine and Vimbai. Mr. Moyana’s oldest son William is not generally considered a part of the family; he does not live at home, is not productively employed like everybody else, and he is not invited to family gatherings such as Christine’s lobola ceremony (which has never stopped him from making his presence felt).